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The first packraft sail of its kind! The light, inflatable AirSail gets your packraft going and lets you experience speed even on calm waters. The sail creates completely new possibilities for touring with the packraft. Only 466g and minimal pack size.

Packsailing is another way to use a packraft. The special sail allows completely new possibilities for packrafting. Moving effectively with the wind is a great way to tour. This handy, transportable sail brings many variations to your trips. The sail uses the power of the wind as efficient propulsion, meaning it is possible to generate neutral propulsion not only with a tailwind, but also with a crosswind of up to 50°. Packrafts use them to conquer larger lakes and other stagnant bodies of water. Experiencing speed is no longer limited to flowing water.

The inflatable ring of the sail is inflated stably with a hand pump (e.g. Anfibio Handpume , not included) and attach the connectors to the loops of the packraft. It can also be attached directly to the backpack on the boat. The pull lines allow you to easily control the sail while holding the paddle in your hand, steering the boat and keeping it on course. To reduce drift, we recommend using one or more fins/skegs on the packraft (e.g. Anfibio Skeg ).

Possible uses

  • Crossing open waters as an integral part of a tour (taking wind direction into account)
  • Special "sailing tours" that are adjusted according to the wind direction, so that either the outward or return route is covered on land. 

The frame of the sail consists of an inflatable ring. When inflated, it gives the sail the necessary stiffness and can be packed down very small by deflating it. The seams are welded and zig-zag stitched, just as is usual on large sails. The large viewing window is made of robust TPU film. The entire construction places the center of gravity very low, exactly at the height of the paddler. This makes the construction very stable and easy to handle. The sail fits all packrafts.

The newer version of the sail contains two viewing windows (see start picture). We apologize for any deviations (one window) in the following images.

Anfibio PackSail vs. Anfibio AirSail
The main difference between the two sails lies in the construction of the frame. This results in a difference in the pack size, which can be seen in the graphic below. The weight difference is only 12g. However, the AirSail requires a pump (e.g.Anfibio hand pump), which increases the pack size accordingly. A hand pump is also ideal for inflating and re-inflating a packraft and is therefore a useful addition to your paddling luggage. The Anfibio AirSail can also be packed up very quickly (deflate and roll up), which means that the sail can be dismantled directly and without any hassle on the water. The Anfibio PackSail, on the other hand, shows its strength in the fact that it can be set up in seconds, but is more difficult to dismantle (fold up).

Anfibio AirSail sail (130cm) - blue

  • Material: Nylon, large transparent window made of robust TPU, polypropylene rope, hooks and connectors made of Molton, stiff and stable frame that can be inflated with a hand pump (e.g. Anfibio hand pump ).

    Diameter: 130cm

    Pack size: 15x25x10cm 

    Weight: 466g

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