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As the name implies, the Rebel Duo is the two-person version of the popular Rebel 2K, including a double spraydeck and two large tube bags, front and rear fin mounts as well as the optional Plus(+) material version.


Ships with:

  • Pack strap
  • Large inflation bag
  • Front block seat
  • Front back/deck cushion
  • Rear seat with backrest
  • Repair kit (tube and floor material)
  • Manual


  • Tubes: 210 denier nylon, one side, clear urethane (TPU) laminated, with surface finish (gloss)
    • Plus(+) version: high-density 420 den nylon fabric, clear urethane (TPU) coating on one side, incl. gloss surface finish
  • Floor: Plus(+) 840 denier high weave density nylon, double urethane (TPU) coated on both sides (0.15mm) 
  • Seats: 210 denier nylon, urethane (TPU) laminated on one side 
  • TubeBags: 210 Den nylon, urethane (TPU) laminated on one side
  • Spraydeck: 70 Den Rip-Stop Nylon, urethane (TPU) coated on one side 


Symmetric hull, voluminous bow, voluminous stern, overlapping bottom, roll-up spraydeck with J-shaped zip-velcro-fastener, 8 grab loops (4 bow, 4 stern), main non-return valve, loop strap attachment for seats and backrests, two fins/skeg mounts (bow and stern)


Speed: 7kph

Buoyancy: 280kg



Glue-free construction with sewn and welded seams



  • Boat: 4570g
    • Plus(+) version: 4800 g
  • Rear seat: 330g
  • Front seat: 250g
  • Front cushion: 150g
  • Boat complete: 5300g
    • Plus(+) version: 5530 g
  • Pack strap: 25g
  • Inflation bag: 100g
  • Repair fabric: 20g




  • Length: 230cm
  • Width: 35cm


  • Length: 350cm
  • Width: 99cm

Waterline: 330cm

Tube diameter: 32cm


Packing size: about 40 x 35cm


Available colors: Silverlake Blue, Fresh Green+, Terra Red+

Anfibio Rebel Duo (+)

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