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An ultralight Paddle for those who count every gram. The Anfibio Fly has a minimum weight of just 460g making it an ideal ultra-light companion. It can be broken down into five segments none longer than 49cm so can be easily stored in any daypack. Despite its minimalist features, the Anfibio Fly is well featured for a wide range of uses.


Ideal for


Ultralight enthusiasts

Spare paddle

Kids paddle




The length of the paddle is freely adjustable from 178cm to 210cm making the paddle suitable for adults of any size, but also children. Furthermore, the angle of the paddle blades can be feathered to any angle, so making the Fly adaptable to all preferences. 




The 24mm diameter fiberglass shaft offers minimal flex and a warm, secure grip. The nylon fibreglass blades have some flexibility, making them durable against contacts with rocks or river beds. Note: the blade size is considerably smaller than typical paddles. 




The optimised blade surface offers good propulsion in calm and free-flowing waters, such as open lakes, fjords or slow rivers. The Anfibio Fly is also well suited as a light, easily packable and inexpensive replacement or back up paddle and as a pole for a tarp shelter. 


Not for whitewater use!

Anfibio Fly

10-14 Days Delivery
  • Weight: 460g

    Blade size: 35 * 15 cm

    Segment: 49cm

    Length: 178-210cm

    Diameter paddle shaft: 24mm

    Parts: 5

    Angle: freely adjustable

    Material: nylon fiberglass blade, coiled fibreglass shaft

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