I absolutely LOVE my Kokotat Hydrus 3.0 Swift Entry Drysuit! Having tried a range of drysuits this is the one for me.

Its seen me through Whitewater Rescue Technician Pro courses, coach training quals, capsize & rescue drills and family expeditions in the wilds of Scotland.

There's nothing worse than that feeling of water seeping through your drysuit zip or seals on a cold day on the water, knowing you've got most of the day left to go. Or struggling to get out of your suit (ladies you know what I mean) for that all important loo stop!

My drysuit has had a bit of a hammering this year and I've been toastie and dry throughout. The in-built socks keep cold feet at bay. The 'Swift Entry' lives up to it's name with easy access via the front zip and there's no more dancing on the bank with the rear drop-seat!

The lightweight, breathable design allows for good layering underneath whilst maintaining comfort and unhindered movement. The adjustable waist drawcord gives that final perfect fit. Weighing in at less than a Kg and easily packed down, the transition from water to land is quick and easy.