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Extremely lightweight packraft with roll-top closure (RTC), which allows luggage to be stored in the tube for greater transport capacity. Minimal pack size, 1kg light and robust enough for calm and tame waters, which allows combined adventures with increased payload.

When ultralight equipment and high transport capacity are equally required, the Nano RTC is the packraft of choice. Because the always-with-you boat offers:
Super light design thanks to special construction and use of high-quality materials

  • RTC integrated luggage compartment with generous storage space, even for paddling tours lasting several days
  • Minimal pack size and lowest weight for trekking tours and other adventures
RTC stands for Roll Top Closure. This refers to a special roll-top closure integrated into the tube at one end of the packraft, with which the boat's tube can be opened and closed again. This makes it possible to transport luggage inside the boat. The specially developed technology ensures that the roll closure is reliably sealed through the use of special materials and thus enables even extended tours without any loss of pressure! The RTC is not comparable to the usual roll closures of simple pack bags!
As with some other storage systems in the boat, the entire interior of the packraft can be used as storage space. The insensitive system of the RTC guarantees easy and quick handling. In addition to increased load capacity, the luggage compartment also ensures a lower center of gravity and enables luggage to be transported protected from moisture.

We recommend storing small luggage for transport in long packing bags (available as an option) (see pictures). This makes loading and unloading easier. The interior contains a loop for securing the packing bags.
Super lightweight design 
The low weight is primarily due to the special construction of the Nano RTC. The entire boat consists of only three main segments (compared to 11 individual segments normally). This is achieved by external, horizontally arranged seams (instead of several radial seams). When the material was welded directly, there was no need for an additional seam tape. The Nano RTC is made entirely of 210den nylon coated on one side. This design results in weight savings and a high ratio of robustness to total weight.
 Despite the low weight and the special design features, the Nano RTC still has a real packraft feeling. This is due, among other things, to the typical packraft shape. The voluminous bow and stern provide more buoyancy at centers of gravity. If the roll closure is not rolled up to the last wrap, the boat can be extended to provide more buoyancy and/or storage space. The sitting position can then be selected at the long or short end as required.
But the packraft-specific features are also relatively extensive for a super-light packraft like the Nano RTC: six grab loops (one inside the tube) for securing luggage or a deck pack , as well as a strap for attaching the seat. 
The Nano RTC has a high manufacturing quality, which is evident from the very cleanly processed and welded materials. Furthermore, the special construction results in a very tight, raised floor, which makes it usable even without or with a minimal seat (e.g. luggage such as a sleeping mat or similar) and thus saves even more weight. For longer tours, however, a seat (with or without a backrest) is still recommended as an added comfort. For its minimal weight, the Nano RTC is exceptionally spacious with an internal length of 120cm and can also be driven by people up to 1.90m tall. 
From ultralight adventures and trekking tours, to other hobbies (fishing, geocaching, etc…) to multi-day expeditions: the Nano RTC always finds its place in your backpack and is more than just a boat for short river crossings. It is used primarily on stagnant and calmly flowing waters. Thanks to its optimal weight/pack size comfort ratio, it can also be used as a fully-fledged backup boat on larger trips, but at the same time offers enough space to stow your luggage while driving. Of course, it is also well suited as a separate boat for children and can be quickly packed up again if it is not used. Further usage scenarios are:
  • Trekking tours, islandeering, wild swimming
  • Expeditions and adventure races
  • Canyoning and cave exploration
  • Urban packrafting, geocaching
  • Family and children's boat

Anfibio Nano RTC

Delivery 10-14 Days
  • scope of delivery

    • boat
    • bladder bag
    • Packing straps
    • operation manual
    • Hose material (repair)
    • Boat: 210 den nylon (single-sided, internal PU coating)
    • Seat (optional): 210 den nylon (PU-coated on one side)

    Asymmetrical hull, 3-part structure (floor element, deck hose, inner wall), horizontal circumferential hose connection, roll closure with seal (RTC), 9 luggage/tether loops, a seat attachment, main valve with non-return

    All seams are welded directly, completely without adhesive connections

    • Boat: 1050g
    • Seat (removable, optional): 130 g (without backrest), 250 g (with backrest)
    • Packing strap (dispensable): 25 g
    • Bladder bag: 100 g
    • Repair material: 20 g


    •    Length: 120cm
    •    Width: 34cm
    •    Length: 205 cm - 230 cm (depending on the application of the roll closure)
    •    Width: 87cm
    Waterline: 200-225 cm (depending on the application of the roll closure)
    Hose diameter: 26 cm
    Pack size: approx. 20 x 15 cm

    Payload:  135 kg

    Speed:  3-4 km/h (depending on the application of the roller shutter)

    Available colors:  Black

    Climate footprint
    CO 2 emissions: 40.79 kg, see calculation  according to reference model Rebel 2K
    CO 2 compensation: completely climate-neutrally compensated, see certificate
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