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Delivery 14 Days


At around 2kg, the Anfibio Rebel 2K is a lightweight all-rounder with comprehensive outfitting including spraydeck, skeg mount and cargo bags (optional). Whether trekking or river touring, on moving water or lakes, this is a boat for every occasion.


As used on the Pack Wrath Trail - 230 miles - 2 weeks - 2 packrafters - 1 dog...


Highly portable, versatile and reliable, this boat is built around the core characteristics of a packraft. Stowed away, the Rebel 2K takes no more space than a 2-litre water bottle, and yet has all the features needed for your adventures.


Character and use


Ideal for long trekking tours with lake crossings to extended river tours, the Rebel 2K can do it all. From expeditions to after-work paddles, with the emphasis of land-water use, the Rebel 2K will inspire you adventures.


Note: Whilst the manufacturer states the Rebel 2K can sustain whitewater use (due to its shape and volume), we do not designate it a whitewater packraft. Please see other models for this kind of use.


The boat is paddled kayak style and is inflated with a big inflation bag which attaches to the boat via a screw-in valve.




Hull design

The Rebel 2K has the following characteristics:

  • voluminous stern and pronounced bow (52cm each) provide ample buoyancy
  • balanced tube diameter (27cm) for a dynamic response
  • comfortable inner width (37cm) and a generous foot space


The Anfibio Rebel 2K distinguishes itself with a unique spraydeck design: 

  • J-shaped opening for ergonomic handling and reliable closure
  • the zipper-velcro combination is fast, safe and comfortable to use
  • the long chimney offers freedom of movement and good coverage
  • very light, no loose parts to mess with
  • sealed seams and a nicely taught cover
  • easily re-configurable as an open boat

The spraydeck extends the Rebel 2K’s range of applications enormously. Especially in cold, rainy conditions, the cozy spraydeck adds comfort and safety. The spraydeck is easy to open and close, but the Rebel can also be paddled in open configuration (spraydeck fixed/rolled up). This makes the packraft suited to tours with frequent exits, e.g. when portaging, scouting, emergency exits or training sessions. The deck chimney should never be tied or fixed closed and never put under PFDs or clothing. See safety info below.


TubeBags (optional)


Anfibio TubeBags are two centrally positioned, IPX7-rated waterproof luggage compartments holding 70 litres each with waterproof zippers and inner pockets. The luggage compartment and the main hull air chamber are two separate air spaces. The zippers don’t have to be airtight to function because it’s not necessary by design. The system retains its integrity, even with slightly opened zippers. This makes the seal very resistant to dirt and wear.


Other TubeBag benefits:

  • the transport capacity of the boat is considerably increased
  • luggage is automatically positioned correctly and secured against slipping
  • the transport inside the tubes ensures a low centre of gravity,
  • protection against moisture and wind compared to exterior bags

Set up: Open zipper, stow the luggage (load the inside pockets), close the zippers, then inflate the main air chamber. Top up air pressure after initial use.


To deflate always open the main valve first and deflate the boat! Then open the TubeBag zippers and unload the luggage.


Fin mount (included)


The mount for a skeg (fin) is attached as standard. The skeg (not included) can be added if required. This increases directional stability, paddle efficiency and speed. This is particularly useful for open water crossings or when taking photographs from the boat.




The Anfibio Rebel 2K is equipped with a comfort-seat which is wider and higher than our standard seat. This seat works well with the spraydeck. Tightly inflated, the seat position is upright, offering a good overview and a secure paddle stance.


Hand strap


The boat features a hand strap the inside of the boat to avoid carrying it by the spraydeck. 


Material and workmanship


Like all Anfibio Packrafts, the Rebel 2K is made from a special 210/420 urethane nylon fabric which has a high tear and abrasion resistance combined with low weight. The smooth, shiny surface of the tube coating is particularly scratch resistant.


All the boat’s seams are fully welded and the tube seams are additionally sewn, making it a completely glue-free construction. This saves weight, costs and the environment! Anfibio are so confident with their build they provide an extended 3-year warranty on materials and workmanship.

No inflatable is indestructible of course, but in the (unlikely) event of damage, in the field repairs can be made within a couple of minutes with LifePatch or Patch`n Go, which bonds permanently to the urethane surface. Small pinholes can be sealed with Stormsure, a liquid urethane sealant.


Safety.  Please ensure that you read and follow the manufacturers instructions carefully, ensure that have practiced exit from the packraft with a capable companion at hand. The deck chimney should never be tied or fixed closed and never put under PFDs or clothing. 

Anfibio Rebel 2K

Available 7-14 Days
  • Ships with:

    • Pack strap
    • Inflation bag
    • Inflatable comfort seat with integrated backrest
    • Repair fabric (spare tube and floor material)
    • User’s manual


    • Tubes: 210D Urethane-Nylon (single-sided, multiple coating and surface finish)
    • Spraydeck: 75D Urethane-Nylon (single-sided coating)
    • TubeBags: 75D Urethane-Nylon (single-sided coating)
    • Floor: 420D Urethane-Nylon (double-sided, multiple coating and surface finish)
    • Seat: Nylon 210D/118T laminated 


    Parallel hull, high-volume bow and stern, flat floor, roll-up spraydeck with J-shaped zip-velcro-fastener, 7 grab loops (4 bow, 2 stern, 1 hand strap), main one-way valve, seat strap.


    Speed: 4.5kph

    Buoyancy: 150kg



    Glue-free construction with sewn and welded seams



    • Boat without TubeBags: 1975g
    • Boat with TubeBags: 2375g
    • Seat: 295g (removable)
    • Pack strap: 25g
    • Inflation bag: 100g
    • Repair fabric: 20g



    • Length: 127cm
    • Width: 37cm


    • Length: 231cm
    • Width: 91cm

    Waterline: 220cm

    Tube diameter: 27cm


    Packing size:


    without TubeBags: about 30 x 20cm

    with TubeBags: 30 x 25cm


    Available colors: Sunny Yellow-Fresh Green, Fresh Green



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