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Long single packraft with spraydeck for a fast speed and a high level of comfort as well as lots of space and extra storage space, even for tall paddlers. The Rebel 3KL+ is a touring boat for both expeditions and excursions in the local region, with a basic weight of just 3 kg.

The Anfibio Rebel 3KL+ is a further development and product variant of the popular Anfibio Rebel 2K. Thanks to its symmetrical shape, the centred seating position and the long tail, the Anfibio Rebel 3KL+ offers a lot of paddling fun and a high level of comfort even on long distances and in light white water. With a spraydeck, fin holder and optional side pockets, it is equipped for any adventure.

Thanks to its length, it is also particularly suitable for tall people and offers additional reserves in terms of buoyancy and cargo load. Despite its size and equipment, the Anfibio Rebel 3KL+ has a basic weight of only approx. 3 kg (depending on the equipment variant) and thus enables versatile use for all packrafting adventures on land and water.

Character and use

The idea for the Anfibio Rebel 3KL+ was based on our experience with our tried and tested Rebel 2K model. For 3 kg (i.e. one kilo more than the 2K), you not only get 41 cm more length ( therefore the "L" in the name), but also a few more features that above all increase riding comfort:


  •  Sufficient extra legroom even for tall people or people with long legs
  •  Comfortable, variable seating position thanks to innovative seat System
  •  More load capacity thanks to higher buoyancy and various stowage options (behind the seat, in the TubeBags (optional), in front of the feet, on the spraydeck, etc.)
  •  Higher travelling speed thanks to the overall length of the boat of 272 cm
  •  Robust construction (the boat is made completely from our reinforced Plus(+) material)

The added value that the boat offers at a slightly higher weight results in various application scenarios. This is where the Anfibio Rebel 3KL+ really comes into its own compared to the Rebel 2K:

  •  For tall people (up to 195cm) who need the extra internal length for a more comfortable seating Position
  •  For planned tours with more load, where the additional space and higher buoyancy are an advantage
  •  For tours where a high proportion of paddling and therefore a high level of comfort is desired and the weight of the boat is not the top priority

Thanks to its design as a long single packraft, the Anfibio Rebel 3KL+ offers plenty of fun on extended tours in calm waters as well as in moderate white water. Despite its extensive equipment, it is one of the ultralight packrafts in its class. At 3 kg and a pack size of 35 x 20 cm, it is definitely still suitable for backpacking! However, if the focus is more on weight and the extra length is not absolutely necessary, the Anfibio Rebel 2K may be the better choice.

Due to the generous footwell, we recommend the use of a footrest in most cases. A floor mat can also be a useful addition.

The boat is paddled kayak style and is inflated with a big inflation bag which attaches to the boat via a screw-in valve.


Hull design

The Rebel 3KL+ has the following characteristics:

  •  voluminous stern and pronounced bow (52 cm each) provide ample buoyancy
  •  balanced tube diameter (27 cm) for a dynamic response
  •  comfortable inner width (37 cm) and a generous foot space

Seating system

The Anfibio Rebel 3KL+ is equipped with a comfortable seat system. The seat itself is clamped under the tube (not tied in) and is sufficiently large so that the seat height harmonises perfectly with the spraydeck and a variable seating position (slightly further back or forwards) is possible without the need for time-consuming re-tying. Above all, however, the boat is stiffened overall, which makes a lot of sense given its length and the centred seating position. The back is optimally supported by the Anfibio Performance BackBand (foam back strap). This can be adjusted tightly to the individual sitting position and enables good control of the boat.


The Anfibio Rebel 3KL+ distinguishes itself with a unique spraydeck design:

  •  J-shaped opening for ergonomic handling and reliable closure
  •  the zipper-velcro combination is fast, safe and comfortable to use
  •  the long chimney offers freedom of movement and good Coverage
  •  very light, no loose parts to mess with
  •  sealed seams and a nicely taught cover
  •  easily re-configurable as an open boot

The spraydeck extends the Rebel 3KL+’s range of applications enormously. Whether on waves, splashes or in cold, rainy conditions, the cozy spraydeck adds comfort and safety. It is not 100% leak proof (the zipper may let penetrate some water), but it is adequate in moderate conditions. The spraydeck is easy to open and close, but the Rebel can also be paddled in open configuration (spraydeck fixed/rolled up). This makes the packraft suited to tours with frequent exits, e.g. when portaging, scouting, emergency exits or training sessions.

TubeBags (optional)

Anfibio TubeBags are two centrally positioned, IPX7-rated waterproof luggage compartments holding 70 litres each with waterproof zippers and inner pockets. The luggage compartment and the main hull air chamber are two separate air spaces. The zippers don’t have to be airtight to function because it’s not necessary by design. The system retains its integrity, even with slightly opened zippers. This makes the seal very resistant to dirt and wear.

Other TubeBag Benefits

  •  the transport capacity of the boat is considerably increased
  •  luggage is automatically positioned correctly and secured against slipping
  •  the transport inside the tubes ensures a low centre of gravity,
  •  protection against moisture and wind compared to exterior bags

Set up: Open zipper, stow the luggage (load the inside pockets), close the zippers, then inflate the main air chamber. Top up air pressure after initial use.
Break down: Open the main valve first! Then open the TubeBag zippers and unload the luggage.

Fin mount (included)

The mount for a skeg (fin) is attached as standard. The skeg can be added if required. This increases directional stability, paddle efficiency and speed. This is particularly useful for sea crossings or when taking photographs from the boat.

Hand strap

The boat features also a hand strap the inside of the boat. Avoid carrying it by the spraydeck.

Anfibio Rebel 3KL+

Delivery 21 Days
  • Ships with:

    •  Pack strap
    •  Inflation bag
    •  XL-Seat
    •  Anfibio Performance Backband
    •  Repair fabric (spare tube and floor material)
    •  User’s manual
    •  Meshbag


    •  Tubes: Plus(+) 420D Urethane-Nylon (single-sided, multiple coating and surface finish)
    •  Spraydeck: 75D Urethane-Nylon (single-sided coating)
    •  TubeBags: 210D Urethane-Nylon (single-sided coating)
    •  Floor: Plus(+) 840 denier high weave density nylon, double urethane (TPU) coated on both sides (0.15mm)
    •  Seat: Nylon 210D/118T laminated


    Parallel hull, high-volume bow and stern, flat floor, roll-up spraydeck with J-shaped zip-velcro-fastener, 7 grab loops (4 bow, 2 stern, 1 hand strap), main one-way valve, seat strap.


    Speed: 5.5 kph

    Buoyancy: 200 kg



    Glue-free construction with sewn and welded seams



    •  Boat without TubeBags: 2680 g
    •  Boat with TubeBags: 3230 g
    •  Seat: 340 g (removable)
    • Performance BackBand: 180g + 100g (shortenable) straps

    Boat complete without TubeBags: 3300 g
    Boot complete with TubeBags: 3750 g

    •  Pack strap: 25 g
    •  Meshbag: 95 g
    •  Inflation bag: 100 g
    •  Repair fabric: 20 g



    • Length: 168 cm
    • Width: 37 cm


    • Length: 272 cm
    • Width: 91 cm

    Waterline: 260 cm

    Tube diameter: 27 cm


    Packing size:


    without TubeBags: about 35 x 20 cm

    with TubeBags: 35 x 25 cm


    Available colors: Fresh Green+, Fresh Green+/Pacific Blue+

    Carbon footprint
    CO2 emissions:

    • boat with TubeBags: 103,32 kg, calculation details according to reference model
    • boat without TubeBags: 88,05 kg, calculation details according to reference model
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