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Delivery 14 Days


The Revo is a new and unique packraft concept, which flexibly switches

between calm water and whitewater. The boat can be freely configured from a stable self-bailer to an ultra-light, minimalist single. This ensures an extremely versatile range of use from long trekking to fun whitewater day trips. 


The Revo CL model is a closable self-bailer, i.e. the sealable bailing hose (VenturiTube) can be closed or opened. Due to the bailing function (overflowing water can drain off by itself) the boat does not need a spraydeck. 

The self-bailer has many advantages, including free exit and entry, e.g. when portaging, inspecting rapids or capsizing. As a self-bailer the Revo is designed to minimise the amount of water left in the boat. Depending on the load there are no more than a few liters in the stern. The boat remains agile and fast. The tight floor mat is a necessary requirement for self-bailing (sitting above the waterline), but it also gives the boat excellent handling characteristics.


The visually distinctive TwinTail™, the V-shaped notch at the stern of the boat, is borrowed from the design of special surfboards. This "V" creates two points of contact at the stern instead of one. This provides stability and balance (as it is relatively wide), preserves agility (as it is relatively short) and creates support/guidance (due to the double edges) for good maneuverability and glide in running water. This is noticeable when bracing, edging, sweeping and accelerating. The rising bow and the sophisticated keel bounce of the rest of the hull support these handling characteristics.

Comfort BackBand

The Comfort BackBand is a hybrid of an inflatable backrest and an adjustable backstrap. The backrest can be supported by the boat/seat as well as individually adjusted. It combines stability and comfort.

5P thigh straps

The classic thigh straps each have four attachment points and a grab handle. They can be ergonomically adjusted and provide a secure but detachable connection to the boat.


The mount for a skeg (directional fin) is standard on the boat. The skeg (fin) can be added for use in calm water for more tracking and paddle efficiency. 

Setup with floor mat

To set up the boat, first it is important to position the uninflated floor mat in the uninflated boat centrally and as far forward as possible. Then inflate first the mat and then the boat (with inflation bag and hand pump). The bailing hose can be kept open (turned outward, self-bailing) or closed (turned inward). 

Seat configurations

There are various options for seating(depending on preference). The included PackSeat light is comfortable but may be a bit tippy (high center of gravity). The optional FoamSeat is lower and supports the drainage of water very well (through channels). which is our recommendation in white water. 

Setup without floor mat

Without a floor mat the bailing hose must be closed. The bailing hose of the boat is turned inwards, rolled tightly at least three to five times and plugged together, ideally before inflation. However, it also works when the boat is assembled.
Seat options

Seat options include the PackSeat light (included), luggage (additional), FoamSeat (optional).

For detailed instructions on set-up and configurations please refer to the user supplied manual.

TubeBags (optional)

The Revo CL can be optionally equipped with TubeBags. The two centrally positioned and IPX7 waterproof luggage zippers with directly backed, airtight inner pockets result in a luggage storage space of 70 l each directly in the tube.

  • the system is highly resistant to dirt and wear due to its design, it cannot leak via the zipper
  • luggage is automatically positioned correctly and secured against slipping
  • the transport inside ensures a low center of gravity as well as protection against moisture and wind compared to exterior bags
  • the transport capacity of the boat is significantly increased


For assembly first stow the luggage (load the inside pockets), then close the zippers and then inflate the main air chamber. When dismantling first open the main valve! Then open the zippers and unload the luggage.

Material, processing, repair

Like all Anfibio Packrafts, the Revo CL is made of a special 210/420 urethane nylon fabric which has a high tear and abrasion resistance combined with low weight. The smooth, shiny surface of the tube coating is particularly scratch resistant. Moreover the Revo has an overlapping bottom, which additionally protects the side tubes. 
All the boat’s seams are fully welded and the tube seams are additionally sewn, making it a completely glue-free construction. This saves weight, costs and the environment! We are so confident with our build that we provide an extended 3-year warranty on materials and workmanship.
Of course, no inflatable is indestructible, but in the (unlikely) event of damage field repairs can be made within a couple of minutes with LifePatch. Small pinholes can be sealed with Aquasure, a liquid urethane sealant.

Anfibio Revo CL

Delivery 14 Days
  • Ships with:

    • Pack strap
    • Inflation bag
    • Inflatable floor mat
    • Packseat light
    • Foam Seat
    • 5P thigh straps
    • Comfort BackBand
    • Repair kit (tube and floor material)
    • Manual


    • Tubes: 210den Urethane Nylon (single-sided, multiple coating and gloss surface finish)
    • Floor: 420den Urethane Nylon (double-sided, multiple coating and surface finish)
    • Seats: 210den PU laminated Nylon
    • TubeBags: 210den Urethane Nylon (one-side single coated)


    Asymmetrical, tapering hull with rocker (upturned, pointy bow), double stern ( TwinTailTM), overlapping, profiled floor, sealable bailing hose, 8  grab loops, 10 mounts for Comfort BackBand and thigh straps, main non-return valve, mount for fin/skeg


    Glue-free construction with sewn and welded seams


    • Boat (without TubeBags): 2060g
    • Boat (with TubeBags): 2515g
    • PackSeat light: 130g
    • Comfort BackBand: 160g
    • Inflatable floor: 700g
    • Boat (without TubeBags) complete: 3050g
    • Boat (with TubeBags) complete: 3645g
    • Thigh straps: 145g
    • Foam Seat: 120g
    • Pack strap: 25g
    • Inflation bag: 100g
    • Repair kit: 20g



    • Length: 125cm
    • Width: 36cm


    • Length: 239cm
    • Width: 90cm

    Waterline: 200cm

    Tube diameter: 27cm

    Packing size:

    without TubeBags: about 30 x 20cm

    with TubeBags: about 30 x 25cm

    Speed: 4.5kph

    Buoyancy: 140kg

    Available colors: silverlake blue-green

    Add Skeg:

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