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Everything you need for your next expedition in one packraft! The robust B+ version of our Sigma series with whitewater configuration, extra length and a lot of space is compact, fast and equipped for all surprises. Ideal for adventure trips with an unpredictable ending!


In the tradition of our Sigma series, the TXLB+ also is a hybrid boat for 1-2 people. However, the outfit of the expedition line is primarily designed as a single, which can carry a second person under special circumstances.

Thanks to the use of thigh straps, a floor mat and the bailing function, the Anfibio Sigma TXLB+ is very versatile and variably configurated. The technical features are ideal for expeditions with diverse use. This also is where the reinforced version of the material (Plus+ variant) comes into play, offering significantly greater robustness.

The Sigma TXLB+ can be used for calm waters and tame rivers as well as in white water. Used as a single with central seating position, its comparatively long shape and balanced water position make it ideal for extended tours over long distances and with a lot of luggage. In the rear seating position, it is also possible to take dogs, children or large items of luggage (e.g. bicycles) up front. Pack size and weight remains very backpack-friendly.

Self bailing and inflatable floor mat
The Anfibio Sigma TXLB+ is equipped with a sealable bailing hose ("B" for Bailing). The so called VenturiTube, in combination with a floor mat, enables use in white water as overflowing water can drain off by itself. The boat does not need a spraydeck.

The self-bailer has many advantages, including free exit and entry, e.g. when poraging , scouting or capsizing. The floor mat is a necessary for self-draining (seating above the waterline) but also gives the boat excellent handling characteristics. It stiffens the floor or the entire hull, insulates against cold and wet conditions and raises the seating position. The load limit should not exceed 150kg when the VenturiTube is open. If  closed, the load limit is over 210kg.

Seating System
The Anfibio Sigma TXLB+ features a large range of variable seating positions and multiple thigh straps attachments. This results in the following configurations:

  •  Use as a single with forward seating position and thigh strap attachment for optimum balance and good boat control
  •  Use as a single in rearmost seating position and thigh strap attachment, especially for tours with a lot of luggage or a bicycle
  •  Use with a dog, child, partner or for rescue operations in the rearmost seating position, optionally with thigh straps for the rear paddler

The flexible fastening system of loop chains and ladderlocks can be used universally and individually for any desired seating position and securing luggage. In particular, thigh straps can be used in all practical positions.

TubeBags (optional)

The Anfibio Sigma TXLB+ also is available with extra-large Anfibio TubeBags. These are two centrally positioned luggage zippers with directly attached airtight inner pockets (100 litres each). The respective luggage compartments and the main air chamber thus form separate air spaces. The zippers do not have to be 100% airtight for the job, as this is not necessary due to the design. Even slightly (!) opened, the system retains its function. This makes it much less vulnerable to dirt and wear.

  •  Luggage is automatically ‘pressure sealed’ into positioned and secured against movement
  •  Interior storage ensures a low center of gravity, protection against moisture and reduced susceptibility to wind
  •  the transport capacity of the boat is massively increased, giving easily enough space for a multi-day camping trip

Setup: First load your luggage into the TubeBags, and nearly close the zips. Then inflate the main air chamber: the pressure will squeeze the excess air out of the TubeBags. Now close the zip fully.
Dismantling: Always open the main valve first! Then open the zippers and unload the luggage.

NOTE: For easy opening and closing, it is necessary to lubricate the zip with the enclosed silicone lubricant for the first time and at regular intervals. Do not lubricate the teeth themselves, but only the outer side laminated with urethane, open and close several times and wipe off any residue with a cloth, otherwise particles may stick to the teeth.

Further applications
The all-rounder is therefore ideal for a wide range of packrafting tours:

  •  Expeditions that combine different tour characters
  •  Water tours in local waters
  •  Splashing tours through white water
  •  Fishing trips
  •  Geocaching (multi-caches, T5)
  •  Sailing (dinghy)
  •  Adventure races

As a single, the boat is paddled with a double paddle. For two people you can also paddle canoe style (e.g. with a multipaddle).
The boat is inflated with the supplied big nylon inflation bag with which the air is forced into the boat. 

Like all Anfibio Packrafts the Sigma TXLB+ is made of a special urethane (TPU) nylon fabric which has a high tear and abrasion resistance combined with low weight. The smooth and shiny surface of the tube coating is particularly scratch resistant.  Our TPU nylon used in its main version has proven itself for many years.

The Plus(+) material version of the Sigma TXLB+ is +17% heavier than our standard TPU nylon (which has been tried and tested for years), but thanks to higher weave density, stronger fibres and increased layer thicknesses, it is even +80% stronger.

All seams on the boat are welded, the tube seams are then additionally sewn. Adhesives are completely dispensed with. This saves weight, costs and eliminates toxic fumes from the environment. We grant an extended 3-year guarantee on material and workmanship.

Anfibio Sigma TXLB+

Colour: Terra Red
Delivery 14 Days
  • Ships with:

    •  Boat
    • Anfibio 5P Thigh Straps
    • Anfibio MultiMat (Inflatable floor)
    •  Pack strap
    •  Inflation bag
    •  Repair material (tube and floor material)
    •  User manual
    •  Mesh bag
    • Tube silicon lubricant (for zippered models)


    •  Tubes: High-density 420 den nylon fabric, clear urethane (TPU) coating on one side, incl. gloss surface finish, Plus(+) version
    •  Floor: 840 denier high density nylon, double sided urethane (TPU) coated (0.15mm), incl. gloss surface finish, Plus(+) version
    •  Seats: 210 denier nylon, urethane (TPU) laminated on one side
    •  TubeBags: 210 denier nylon, urethane (TPU) laminated on one side


    Parallel hull, high volume bow and stern, flat floor, 6 fixed attachment points (4 front, 2 rear), 10 fittings with ladderlocks (4 centre, 2 rear, 4 inside) and 6 daisychains for back/thigh straps, main one way valve, seat strap, TubeBags if required, fin/skeg mount

    Speed: 6 km/h
    Buoyancy: 200 kg / 130 kg (when using the bailing function)
    Complete glue-free construction, sewn and welded seams

    •  Boat without Tubebags : 2600g
    •  Boat with TubeBags: 3220 g
      •  Multimat: 920g
      •  Packseat light: 130g
      •  Comfort Backband: 160g
      •  Performance Backband: 180g + (shortenable) straps 100g
      •  Packseat (rear seat): 250g
    •  Boat complete with Tubebags (one seat, Comfort Backband and floor mat): 3810g
    •  Boat complete without Tubebags (one seat, Comfort Backband and floor mat): 4430g
      •  Pack strap: 25g
      •  Inflation bag: 100g
      •  Repair fabric: 20g
      •  Thigh straps: 145g


    •  Length: 180cm
    •  Width: 37cm


    • Length: 280cm
    • Width: 91cm
    • Waterline: 270cm
    • Tube diameter: 27cm

    Packing size: about 35 x 25cm

    Available colors: Pacific Blue+, Terra Red+
    Carbon footprint
    CO2 emissions:

    • boat with TubeBags: 103,20 kg, calculation details according to reference model 
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