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Full size, super light packraft. Weighing just 830g and with a packed volume of less than a litre, this spacious packraft is robust enough to handle calm rivers and easy lake crossings. It is ideal for ultralight adventures.


The superlight Nano SL packraft is suited to adventures where most of the distance is covered on land while still providing the ability to make calm water crossings, follow calm rivers or take short-cuts across lakes. The Nano SL easily fits into a daypack and quickly becomes a pocket-sized boat that can be deployed anywhere. Despite the ultralight fabric, the Nano’s conventional proportions provide surprising comfort and stability on longer stretches of water. 


Super-light design


The amazingly low weight is principally achieved by the Nano SL’s special construction. The entire boat is made from just three sections of fabric (conventional packrafts use up to 11 panels). This is made possible by form of the hull with horizontally arranged seams and direct fabric welding, eliminating the need for seam tape. 


The floor and side walls of the hull are made from durable 210D nylon with the airtight PU coating applied to the interior surface. This increases tear resistance and leaves the coating untouched by mechanical stress from the outside. The top section of the hull experiences comparatively little wear and tear so is made of 75D polyester which bonds readily to the nylon counterpart. This groundbreaking construction achives considerable weight savings which preserving a high ratio of robustness to total weight.




Despite its low weight and special design features, the Nano SL still has a real packraft feeling. One of the reasons for this is the typical shape of the Nano SL. The voluminous bow and stern provide more buoyancy at  for both paddler and payloads totalling up to 120kg. But the SL still features three grab loops for securely lashing down baggage, as well as a loop for fastening the optional seat. 


Special features


The Nano SL features high manufacturing quality, evident from the cleanly trimmed and welded seams. This special construction results in a taught and slightly raised floor which makes it usable either without, or with a basic seat (such as sleeping mats). For longer periods on the water the optional 130g seat is recommended as a comfort plus (it makes a great camp cushion or sleeping pillow too). With a generous inner length of 120cm, the Nano SL fits paddlers up to 1.90m tall. 




Whether for ultralight adventures and trekking tours with unavoidable calm river crossings, extended treks in mixed terrain, or other hobbies such as fishing, geocaching or just a weekend trip to a beautiful lake, the Nano SL takes no space in your backpack but is more than just boat for short river crossings. It is mainly used on lakes and very calm flowing waters. Due to its minimal weight and tiny packed size, it makes a handy backup boat or emergency raft for other water-borne pursuits. Of course it’s also suitable as a children’s boat and can be quickly repacked if not used. It's worth noting that thorns, brambles and other sharp objects are more likley to damage the Nano due to its UL fabrics, whilst this damage can be easily fixed, extra care should be taken when using the Nano SL.  Dogs claws may puncture the 75D fabric on top, so booties for dogs are advised.


Other suggested uses include:


• Expeditions and adventure races

• Canyoning and cave tours

• Urban packrafting. 


Not Suitable for:


• Swift water or White water.

• Bike rafting.

• Rough Open water and Sea.




The boat is inflated with the supplied nylon air bag. In the  event of damage, we recommend the Anfibio LifePatch for repairs in the field in just a few minutes. Small perforations can also be treated with a blob of Stormsure sealant. 

AnfibioNano SL

  • Ships with

    • Pack strap
    • Inflation bag
    • Repair material (tube fabric)
    • Manual


    • Ultralight seat


    • Floor and lower hull: 210D PU-coated nylon
    • Top hull: 75D PU-coated polyester
    • Seat (optional): 210D PU-coated  nylon      


    Symmetrical hull with outboard seam, 3-part construction, interior PU coating, 3 grab loops, attachment strap for seat pad, one-way inflation valve. Heat-welded seams (no gluing).


    All seams are directly welded, completely glue free construction 


    • Boat: 830g
    • Seat: 130g (removable, optional)
    • Pack strap: 25g
    • Inflation bag: 100g
    • Repair material: 20g



    •    Length: 120cm
    •    Width: 34cm


    •    Length: 205cm
    •    Width: 87cm

    Water line: 200cm

    Tube diameter: 26cm

    Pack size:  20 x 15cm

    Capacity: 120kg

    Speed: 3 km/h

    Not Suitable for Bikerafting, Swift Water, White Water, Rough Open water and Sea.

    Available colors: black


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