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A light and simple way of attaching your bag to your raft.  Quick release cleat buckles mean that you can get the load on and off simply and quickly.  If you've been on a Tirio Packrafting Training Course or Guided Adventure you'll of seen these and know just how simple and reliable they are.  No need to put perimeter lines on you raft - these will work with the existing gear loops. Also great for securing Buoyancy Aids and paddles to bags as well as a whole load of other tricks. A completed 1m strap weighs 30g.


Each kit comes with:


2 x cleat buckles.

2m high quality 1mm shock cord (which stretches to more than double its length). 


Simply cut the shock cord to the desired lengths.  Seal the end with a lighter or flame to prevent fraying. Thread into the back of the cleat and knot to prevent it coming back out.  See video for details.


To use, thread the strap through and over you packraft accessory loops and cleat to secure. We suggest that they are pulled fully taught when fixing anything to your raft. See Video for an example.

Bag Attachment Cord Kit

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