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Built to order

Ideal for packrafting low weight Kinetik 650 Blades coupled with a Multi shaft enable a multitude of paddle combinations.


1. Use a a traditional paddle - with feather adjustment between 0 and 45 Deg both left and right handed. Button hole fixed at 0 Deg. 

2. Use as two Canoe paddles - left and right handed versions.

3. Use as a stand up paddleUses the paddlok system for rock solid blade joints and total elimination of any play in the joints.


The blades in the paddle are made out of SF Polymer and the OD shaft is made out of reinforce glass composite. The blade is available in "Ion”, a translucent colour which glows in the dark - great for finding your kit in the dark.


The paddle can be split in 6 pieces all of which are under 60cm in length for ease of transport.



Celtic Touring Packraft Paddle - 6 Piece

  • Drip rings are included.

    Weight kayak paddle: 1190 grams

    Weight canoe paddle: 625 grams * 2

    Length kayak paddle: 210 cm measured sown centre line

    Length canoe paddle: 130 cm * 2

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