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A no frills ultralight tarp that provides full weather protection.


1 Person Tent | Best for:

  • 3-Season Backpacking
  • Wet & Humid Conditions
  • Bikepacking











Ships With

Tent, Stuff Sacks, Guy Lines


Packed Size Tarp

12" x 4.5" | 30 cm x 11 cm


Packed Size NetTent

12" x 4.5" | 30 cm x 11 cm



13 oz | 368 g



6 (Sold Separately)



Gray or Green





20D Silicone Coated Nylon



#3 YKK


Hydrostatic Head

3,000 mm








Single 49" | 124 cm Pole (Not Included)


Side entry





44 ft² | 4 m²


Good, Better, Best


Tarp Only: Exactly what it sounds like. The Deschutes Tarp with no frills.

Plus: Make your Deschutes Tarp a little less buggy with a no-see-um skirt. Only adds 3oz.

Bundle: The pinnacle of versatility. Set it up as a tent, tarp, or a net tent, with the included Serenity NetTent.



13 OZ – 370 G SOLO TARP

The Deschutes is a no-frills tarp shelter, everything you need and nothing you don’t, providing the ultimate freedom.

No floor. No pockets. Nothing but the essentials, the Deschutes gets the job done at an affordable price. At a mere 13 ounces, this pyramid-style design is incredibly stable providing 360° protection is some of the most extreme conditions. The Deschutes gives any hiker the freedom to move fast and light without sacrifice.

The Deschutes can be paired with the Serenity NetTent to form a fully enclosed, one-person, double-walled shelter with a bathtub floor. 

*To completely repel water, shelters need to have sealer applied to the seams before use.
*Shelters including a seam sealing service may not ship immediately.



The Deschutes shelter provides 44 sq. ft. of protection and is easily set up with one trekking pole to a maximum height of 49 inches. This allows plenty of room to sit up without feeling tight.**

✓ The tiny footprint allows you to pitch this tarp in even the most precarious spots. That means you can tuck yourself away in locations others would scoff at.

✓ Constructed from tough but light Silicone Nylon.

✓ Pyramid design is extremely effective at shedding wind from all directions

✓ When paired with the Serenity NetTent, it creates a double-walled, ultralight, solo tent that weighs a mere 24 ounces.

✓ One trekking pole setup allows you to vary the height depending on weather conditions.Side entry for convenience.

✓ 44 sq. ft. of living space with a peak height of 49 inches – a surprising amount of space-to-weight ratio.

Easy to pitch with just one adjustable trekking pole and six stakes*.




Long Zippered Entry for easier entry and exit

High Vent removes excess moisture build up.

360° Weather Protection

Single Pole Pyramid Design with hexagonal shape provides maximum protection at minimum weight.

Pairs Easily with the Serenity NetTent to keep the bugs at bay.

Floating Floor reduces floor stress and helps to minimize punctures from sharp objects.

Optimized Sleeping Area is oriented to maximize usable space, ventilation, and view. A peak height of 49 inches gives you plenty of headroom.


I'm over 6'. Will I fit? The answer is: it depends. There are many factors that determine if you'll be comfortable using the Deschutes. It depends upon the height of the setup, the depth of your sleeping pad and your sleeping style. Take a look at the picture of the Deschutes Tarp with the Serenity NetTent, the Serenity is 84" or 7' long and has vertical end walls of 9". Without the Serenity, the height is 13" between ground and canopy at the point where the Serenity would end.These days many people like using thick 2" to 4" deep sleeping mats. While they are comfortable, they will significantly compromise internal space and reduce headroom. Setting up the Deschutes low to the ground will do the same. However, when properly set up, most people will find the Deschutes has both plenty of room and weather protection.

What is the recommended Pole Height? The Deschutes Tarp can be set up at different heights. At 40"the Deschutes hugs the ground providing maximum protection. The Deschutes can accommodate a variable height of between 45" to 49" depending upon conditions and your personal preferences. For maximum interior space or when using the Serenity NetTent, set your pole to 49". In most cases, you'll want to angle your pole, so the bottom of it is inside the vestibule area. This helps to maximize the sleeping area.


Deschutes Ultralight Backpacking Tarp

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