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The Delta Adventure Paddle is Kokopelli's lightest paddle.


It has  a mid to high angle, this touring paddle is perfect for the packrafter looking to move more water while minimizing weight. The Adventure Paddle is a great choice for packrafters and bikerafters and anyone wanting minimalist paddling perfection.


The Carbon Polymer blade and Carbon Fiber shaft materials are engineered to strike the optimal balance between weight and efficient paddling strokes.

The dihedral blade provides smooth, powerful and balanced forward strokes, with a low swing weight - minimising fatigue over long days paddling! 


Suitable for touring on open water as well as rivers up to grade 2.


Thesimple but effective center ferrule (joint) and shaft to paddle ferrule is a traditional stainless steel button system for an easy secure fit.


We only sell this paddle in 215cm as this is more than adequate length for even the tallest packrafters.  


The box comes with the 4 piece paddle and 2 drip rings. 

Kokopelli Delta Adventure Paddle - 215cm

Out of Stock
    • Weight: 0.84 kg
    • Adjustable feather: right 30 deg, left 30 deg, zero deg.
    • Blade area: 18.5 x 45.0cm
    • Blade material: carbon polymer
    • Shaft material: carbon fiber
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