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The Adventure X2 is a perfect Tandem Packraft at a nice price. With its roomy

dimensions of 173cm/305cm (internal/external) and 31cm tubes it provides plenty of space for a comfortable journey. Its has a high buoyancy which allows it to carry heavy loads and good hull speed. Yet  weighing in at around 3,65kg (without seats). The Adventure X2 is part of the MRS StreamlineSL range. Also available with Internal Storage System(ISS) and/or with (removable) spraydeck.


The Adventure X2 (‘by two’) is a fully functional two-person packraft. The boat is comfortable for two people while being compact.


Weight and packed size are similar to a single packraft (3,65 kg without seats, 3,9kg in single mode, 4,1kg fully outfitted). The option of paddling with a partner provides means that loads can be shared!


Characteristics and Use


The Adventure X2 is a true a packraft, ideal for amphibious travel, best suited to still and calm floating water. The long waterline provides increased speed (6 km/h) and good tracking. The high-volume bow and the large, paralle side tubes provide great buoyancy (260kg).


It can be paddled canoe (2 single blades) or kayak style (2 double blades). 


The raft is inflated with a big nylon inflation bag which attaches to the boat via a screw-in valve. Scoop up air and push it into the boat.




Your Adventure X2 will be shipped with two different seats to provide variable seating configurations. The front seat is a block tied in to produce an elevated position when using the boat as a double (ideal for canoe style paddling).

The seat configuration in the back is a standard block seat used to gain an elevated position, again for efficient single blade paddling. Used as a single or with a kayak paddle, the standard seat can be used in the classic way.
Material info


Like all good quality Packrafts the MRS Adventure X2 is made from urethane coated nylon.  Its light, abrasion resistant, UV tolerant, non-aging and flexible at low temperatures. The smooth and flexible fabric is a lot tougher than the boats weight and pack size would indicate. 
Manufacturer info


MRS (Micro Rafting System) produces water sports equipment in far east. Manufacturing is carried out in small hand built batches. 



MRS Adventure X2

  • Ships with:

    • Pack strap
    • Inflation bag
    • Variable front seat (bar)
    • 1 standard back (seat (baffled)
    • two backrests (front + rear)
    • Repair kit (spare tube and floor material)


    Parallel sided hull, flat bow, elongated stern, relaxed fit, 2 stern grab loops, 4 bow grab loops, 3 inside grap loops, main dump valve.

    Internal Storage System (ISS) and/or removable spraydeck available!

    Speed: 6 km/h

    Buoyancy: 260kg


    Thermowelded, sewn seams (tubes), glued floor with thermowelded tapes, thermowelded,


    Boat: 3650g 
    Seats: 390g

    Backrest front: 310g
    Backrest rear: 60g

    Boot complete: 4410g  (with 2 seats and both backrests)

    Pack strap: 25g
    Inflation bag: 130g
    Repair Kit: 20g

    Package: 4575g



    •  Length: 173cm
    •  Width: 35cm


    • Length: 305cm
    • Width: 97cm
    • Waterline: 260cm
    • Tube diameter: 31cm

    Packing size: about 35 x 25cm (similar to a two person tent)

    Available colours

    Royal  Blue, Forrest Green, Luminous Red

  • Other variants are available. Please ask for details and delivery estimates.

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