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The compact Microraft is well suited to true ‘land and water’ journeys; light enough to carry and well suited to traversing mountain lakes and fjords. Go geocaching, fishing and hunting. It is also capable of whitewater.


  • excellent workmanship (sewn and welded seams, taped floor)
  • a high level of equipment (grab loops, seat/backrest, one way valve)
  • robust and flexible fabric - see info below
  • well-proven shape with the typical elongated stern
  • part of the MRS StreamlineSL  
  • also available with Internal Storage System (ISS)


Choice of spraydeck


The Microraft is available with a fixed (size L/XL) or completely removable (size L/XL and size S/M) spraydeck. Spraydecks come in handy against rain, cold, splashing water and waves. Particularly important in white water. With choice of the spraydeck the dimensions and the character of the boats also differ.


Fixed Deck Version Features


The deck is equipped with a cockpit which houses highly flexible poles that form the coaming rim. The spray deck worn by the paddler is secured over the rim. This kayak style spraydeck is our favourite, because of its many advantages:


The fully enclosed boat responds more like a kayak, without losing any of its versatility.

The hatch/cockpit is very large and almost feels like an open boat so can be enjoyed without a sprayskirt in calm or warm conditions. Then, when needed the seal is absolutely leak proof and closes securely while opening effortlessly and reliably when you need to bail fast.


This type of spraydeck is available in size L/XL.


Removable Deck Version


The removable deck is attached to the boat on three sides with a zipper. On the left side it is closed with a Velcro fastener and sealed to the body with an elastic band. It can also be completely removed if necessary. 

This type of spraydeck is a more comfortable to open and close. It is not 100% leak proof, but it is adequate in moderate conditions. The inflatable ‘cod piece’ eliminates water pooling in the lap. A raft for less technical water; without any coaming the boat assembles and packs faster. 


 This type of spraydeck is available in size L/XL and S/M.


Choice of size


The MRS Microraft is available in two sizes:


• Large/Extratra Large (fixed or removable spraydeck): inner dimension: 36cm/130cm, 30cm tube diameter, up to 195cm height

• Small/Medium (removable spraydeck): inner dimension: 32cm/124cm, 25cm tube diameter, up to 180cm height 


In the standard size L/XL, the additional width in the inner and outer dimensions offers a more comfortable and stable (forgiving) platform. 

For very small/light people, the S/M size is suitable, with a narrower inner width and shorter inner length for good boat control. In addition, the saved material reduces the packing size and total weight of the boat.




Like all Packrafts the MRS Mircoraft is made from urethan coated nylon, not PVC or Hypalon. This is light, abrasion resistance, UV tolerant, non-aging and flexible at low temperatures.


It also has a special treatment to provide a smooth, scratch resistant surface. The coating is asymetric (inner thinner than the outside). This creates a supple material for easy packing. 


The raft is easily repaired with Lifepatch, Tear Aid (Type A), Stormsure or Aquaseal.




MRS (Micro Rafting System) produces water sports equipment in far east. Manufacturing is carried out in small batches (handbuilt products). All MRS products have a three-year warranty. 

MRS Microraft

  • Contents:

    Included with removable Spraydeck

    • Pack strap

    • Inflation bag 

    • Seat and backrest (removable)

    • Repair kit (spare tube and floor material)

    Included with fixed Spraydeck

    • Pack strap

    • Inflation bag 

    • Coaming poles (4 pcs)

    • Spray skirt (detachable)

    • Seat and backrest (removable)

    • Repair kit (spare tube and floor material)


    • Tubes: UPN35 Nylon 210D/67T*55T 90 A Ester TPU double

    • Floor:UPN35 Nylon 420D/67T*55T 90 A Ester TPU double

    • Seat: Nylon 210D/118T laminated

    • Deck: 70D Ripstopnylon


    Symmetric hull, slightly upturned bow, elongated stern, body fit, 8 grab loops (6 outer, 2 inner), main dump valve (one way) and twist lock mouth valve

    The MRS Microraft is part of the MRS StreamlineSL optimization and also available with Internal Storage System (ISS).

    Thermowelded, sewn seams (tubes), glued floor with thermowelded tapes, thermowelded, taped deck

    The following weights in order: Size S/M (removable spraydeck)/Size L/XL (removable spraydeck)/Size L/XL (fixed spraydeck)

    Boat: 2500g/3250g/3250g

    Skirt: 350g/400g/380g

    Seat + backrest: 260g

    Poles: 160g

    Boat complete: 3080g/3900g/3500g

    Pack strap: 25g

    Inflation bag: 130g 

    Repair set: 20g

    Package complete: 3255g/4075g/4225g


    The following dimensions in sequence: Size S/M/Size L/XL


             Length: 124cm/130cm

             Width at hips: 32cm/36cm


             Length: 230cm/265cm

             Width: 82cm/96cm

    Waterline: 170cm/180cm

    Tube diameter: 25cm/30cm

    Packing size: about 30 x 20cm/40 x 25cm

    Buoyancy: 120kg/150kg

    Speed: 4,5 km/h


  • Other Colours and variants are available to order.  Email us for details and delivery estimates.

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