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The MRS Nitrogen is an extremely ultra-light packraft for spontaneous adventures on still and calm flowing waters. The absolute minimalist construction goes hand in hand with generous interior dimensions.

The MRS Nitrogen is an extremely lightweight packraft with a minimalist, simple design. With the goal of keeping the weight as low as possible while at the same time ensuring fair robustness, the packraft does without all the features usually found on packrafts. The standard scope of delivery of the Nitrogen therefore does not include the seat, backrest and skeg. Any attachments and other details have also been completely skipped. The result is a packraft weighing only 880 g with a pack size of less than 1 l, which nevertheless has a generous interior.

The packraft is used when it comes to ultra-light adventures and tours with a particularly high proportion of land. Long hiking tours with little paddling, river crossings, fishing or geocaching are typical scenarios. The boat feels particularly at home on still and calmly flowing waters. The Nitrogen fits into every backpack and pocket, making it ideal as a spontaneous companion. Its minimalist concept means it can be quickly assembled, but also quickly packed away again if it is not to be used after all. The reduced weight to pack size ratio also makes the Nitrogen the ideal backup boat for larger trips.

The main feature of the MRS Nitrogen is its minimalist design. The symmetrical hull provides a very good amount of space inside the boat, which is particularly advantageous for luggage transport. The packraft can be paddled without a seat and backrest as standard, or retrofitted with a seat system. Even grab loops can in principle be retrofitted.

Material and repairs
The boat is made of tightly woven, tear-resistant 70D nylon with a thin, yet scratch-resistant urethane coating on the outside of the tubes and 210D nylon with double-sided urethane coating on the floor. The boat is easy to cleaning and to dry.

In the (unlikely) event of a repair, we recommend the Anfibio LifePatch repair kit, a special tape for quick repairs on the go. Small perforations can also be sealed with small amounts of Aquasure (liquid PU). Just any major damage, should they happen, can be repaired with spare fabric and contact glue at home or in our workshop.

Design and manufacturing
The MRS Nitrogen is a development of our long-standing partner and cooperation brand MRS (Micro Rafting System). Serial production takes place in the Far East with manufacturing carried out in small, hand-built batches. All products have an extended three-year warranty. 

MRS Nitrogen

Delivery 60 Days
  • hips with

    • Inflation bag
    • Spare tube and floor material
    • Manual
    • Pack strap
    • Optional seat


    • Tubes: 70-denier high-strength Nylon with thin, weathering resistant and anti-hydrolysis urethane coating on the outside (matt)
    • Floor:  210-denier high-strength Nylon with thick, weathering resistant and anti-hydrolysis urethane coating on both sides (gloss)


    Minimalist construction with symmetrical hull, main valve with check, no grab loops (to be added if necessary)


    Triple construction: sewn with high-tensile thread; heat-welded tubes; contact glued floor


    Boat complete: 880 g

    Pack strap: 25 g
    Inflation bag: 135 g
    Repair Kit: 20 g


       Length: 132 cm
       Width: 37 cm

       Length: 203 cm
       Width: 85 cm

    Waterline: 195 cm

    Tube diameter: 24 cm
    Packing size: ~ 20 x15 cm

    Speed: 3 km/h

    Buoyancy: 110 kg

    Colour: Black

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