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Once packrafts broke conventions in water sports. Now the Nomad S1 is breaking conventions in packrafting. The central seating position and symmetrical bow and stern are similar to a conventional kayak, producing similar paddling dynamics. At 5kg, the gross weight is more than most solo packrafts, but the Nomad remains very packable boat for easy travel and exciting adventures. The Nomad S1 has the MRS Streamline SL optimization system.


The boat is ideal for solo or group tours, even with conventional hardshell kayaks and canoes. With a boat length of just under 3m, the speed difference will be barely noticeable. The Nomad S1 is an ideal raft for long mainly water based tours, including both open and some white water.




The Nomad S1 is equipped with a roll-up spray deck which combines almost 100% water tightness with the option of an open boat. In warm and dry weather parallel twin zippers and velcro patches allow the deck to be rolled forward (even when on the water), and also enable quick and easy access to the storage area behind the seat. Coaming rods slip into the rim of the generously sized hatch to ensure a good seal with the supplied spray skirt.


When fully closed, the spraydeck achieves a seal close to regular whitewater decks. In harsh environments such as heavy rain, cold, rolling waves and splashes you are well protected.


Other outfit


The Nomad S1 has a fully adjustable, six-point comfort backrest, which supports your lumbar region, especially over long distances. The backrest is fully adjustable, which makes the packraft fit for paddlers of different heights. 


Nomad S1 is the only packraft with an integrated fin mount and a removable fin for better tracking and increased speed. The fin is recommended to use in deep water only.


The hull shape and seating position allows for additional luggage capacity behind the seat.


The Nomad S1 is "thigh strap ready", i.e. fully equipped with the necessary tie downs for thigh straps. The straps themselves can be purchased seperately if required. Those who plan the use it in whitewater, may well benifit from thigh straps.


Internal Storage System (optional)


For the Nomad S1 is a special form of an Internal Storage System (ISS) available, the ISS2. There are 2 cargo zippers (TiZip Superseal) to the left and right side of the central segments (see pictures). Moreover, there is a double bladder behind the zipper (kind of bag). This positions the luggage in the correct centre of gravity and secures it from slipping, it also fulfils the function of separate chambers (to be inflated separately) or for double security (the boat is still tight even with slightly opened zipper). Overall, the transport capacity of the boat is considerably increased. 


Imortant! First stow the luggage in the bags, then close the zippers and inflate the chambers slightly until they are well filled but not yet taut, then fully inflate the main air chamber.


Primary use


The Nomad S1 is fun to use on both calm waters and white water. If you like long distance paddling over extended periods of time, the Nomad S1 should be your choice. In terms of whitewater capability, especially in bigger waves the boat performs well compared to a regular packraft. Due to increased hull length the paddler will have to make allowances to make tight turns.


Typical areas of use include touring the extensive lakes in Scotland, the Lakes, and Scandinavia, coast hopping, white water touring in France or on rivers such as the Spey, Wye or Severn. It would also make a great boat for touring urban areas like the canals of the UK, London, Amsterdam or Venice.




For optimal performance it is important to achieve the right air pressure (especially when paddling in cold water). This is because of the longer hull and central seating position. Inadequate pressure can lead to the hull bending. If full pressure cannot be achieved by bag and then your own lung power, we recommend using a small pump.

MRS Nomad S1D

Available to order 14 day Delivery
  • Contents:


    • Pack strap
    • Inflation bag
    • Coaming poles (4 pcs)
    • Spray skirt (detachable)
    • Spray deck (packable)
    • Comfort seat
    • Comfort backrest (adjustable)
    • Spare tube and floor patches
    • Removable skeg
    • Manual


    • Tubes: UPN35 Nylon 210D/67T*55T 90 A Ester TPU double
    • Floor:UPN35 Nylon 420D/67T*55T 90 A Ester TPU double
    • Seat: Nylon 210D/118T laminated
    • Deck: 70D Ripstopnylon


    Streamlined, symmetric hull, sharp bow and long stern, central seating position, low rocker (long water line), slim fit, 4 stern grab loops, 4 bow grab loops. Main, non-return valve, integrated skeg mount, packable spray deck.

    The Nomad S1 is part of the MRS Streamline SL optimization.


    Triple construction: sewn with high-tensile thread; heat-welded tubes; contact glued floor with taped edges. This creates a bond that ‘s stronger than the hull fabric. Heat-welded and taped spray deck.

    Speed: 6km/h

    Buoyancy: 190kg


    Boat: 3750g (incl. cover, without ISS2) 4550g (incl. cover and ISS2)
    Skirt / poles: 380g / 160g
    Backrest: 310g, Seat: 200g

    Boat complete: 4800g (without ISS2), 5600g (with ISS2)

    Skeg: 100g
    Pack strap: 25g
    Inflation bag: 130g
    Repair kit: 20g



            Total length: 170 cm
            Seat lengh: 125 cm
            Width at hips: 33cm


    Length: 295cm
    Width: 87cm
    Waterline: 270cm

    Tube diameter: 27cm
    Packing size: ~ 40 x 30cm (like a three person tent) 
    Longest pole segment (Spray deck coaming): 60cm

    Color: Green, Blue, Red


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