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Ultralight double packraft with a very good ratio to performance and comfort. The weight has been reduced in all areas, but the streamlined, long hull has been retained as far as possible.

The MRS Surveyor X2 belongs to the ultralight segment of the MRS range, just like its single version. It was developed with a reduced weight in mind, without sacrificing a streamlined design. The seat distribution provides a balanced centre of gravity.

With a generous inside length of 213 cm, the X2 offers enough space and comfort for both paddlers. With a weight of 4.14 kg (incl. two seats and two backrests), transporting the boat is also very easy in relation to its size. The speed is also noteworthy for the weight class. 

A special feature of the MRS Surveyor is its white, ultra-light material, which reflects the sun's rays very well or absorbs less heat and thus does not cause large fluctuations in air pressure.

The boat is ideal for paddling tours for two partners. Especially on calm waters and on tours with a higher proportion of land, the Surveyor X2 scores with its relatively low weight. The preferred area of use includes lakes, calm rivers or urban waters (canals etc.). Especially on tours with longer periods under direct sunlight, such as on large, open lakes, the white material of the boat shows its strength. The possibility of taking it along on a plane, camper van or train makes it the perfect travel boat.

The MRS Surveyor is part of the MRS StreamlineSL range. The relatively long waterline provides good speed and acceleration, which are excellent touring characteristics. 

An ultra-lightweight backrest made of breathable mesh provides even support for the back. The backrest is adjustable via several points, making the packraft suitable for paddlers of different sizes. The central positioning of the seat also allows luggage to be stowed behind the back.  

The packraft has an integrated fin mount (softmount) to accommodate a removable fin/skeg, which provides increased tracking and speed. A small fin (mini fin) is included. A larger, more effective fin with a flat profile (Anfibio Skeg) can be added as an option.

For a good and safe performance, make sure the air pressure is firm (especially in cold water). Due to the dynamics in the double packraft, otherwise twisting and buckling of the hull may occur.

Material and repairability
The Surveyor is entirely made of tightly woven, tear-resistant 210D or 420D nylon with a scratch-resistant urethane coating. The tube and base have different thicknesses, one and two-sided, adhesive coating (matt or glossy). The bond is very reliable and even exceeds the strength of the material. The bond is very reliable and even exceeds the strength of the material.

Due to its brightness, white yellows more easily than other colours, especially in long-term use, when exposed to ultraviolet rays. Therefore, please pay attention to the correct care for this colour, which is a good way to prevent this circumstance. The material is considered resistant to ageing and cold elasticity. 

In the (unlikely) event of a repair, we recommend the Anfibio LifePatch repair kit, a special tape for quick repairs on the go. Small perforations can also be sealed with small amounts of Aquasure (liquid PU). Just any major damage, should they happen, can be repaired with spare fabric and contact glue at home or in our workshop.

Design and manufacturing
The MRS Surveyor is a development of our long-standing partner and cooperation brand MRS (Micro Rafting System). Serial production takes place in the Far East with manufacturing carried out in small, hand-built batches. All products have an extended three-year warranty. 

MRS Surveyor X2

  • Ships with:

    • Inflation bag
    • 2 block seats (removable)
    • 2 Mesh backrests (removable)
    • Spare tube and floor material
    • Manual
    • Mini skeg
    • Pack strap


    • Tubes: 210-denier high-strengt Nylon with single side Urethane coating, weathering resistant and anti-hydrolysis, highly reflective (absorbs less heat, causes less air pressure fluctuations), in long-term use care with UV protection agent is recommended to prevent slight yellowing of the white colour 
    • Floor: 420-denier high-strengt Nylon fibre with double-sided, double Urethane coating incl. surface sealing (glossy), weathering resistant and anti-hydrolysis
    • Seat: 70-denier weaved Nylon with 0.1 mm single-sided PU coating, weathering resistant, anti-hydrolysis


    Streamlined, symmetrical hull (as part of the MRS StreamlineSL range) with balanced keel bounce (slightly raised, pointed bow, stretched stern), 8 luggage/holding straps, a main valve with check and a fitting for a fin/skeg.


    3-fold composite (stitching, thermowelding and contact bonding). Thermowelded and stitched tubes, glued floor.


    Boat: 3.460 g
    Seats: 2x 195 g
    Backrests: 2x 145 g

    Boat complete: 4.140 g

    Pack strap: 25 g
    Inflation bag: 195 g
    Repair set: 20 g
    Mini-Skeg: 86 g


       Length: 213 cm
       Width: 37 cm
       Length: 324 cm
       Width: 93 cm

    Waterline: 311 cm

    Tube diameter: 28 cm
    Packing size: ca. 60 x 40 x 14 cm

    Buoyancy: 220 kg

    Speed: 6 km/h

    Colour: White with olive-green seams

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