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Delivery approx 2 weeks.


A short quick 4m throwline and / or towline!.


​The Tag Line is in its element when the swimmer is just out of reach and needs help to cover the last few metres to safety or when you need to hook up to help tow* a fellow packrafter! 


* Always ensure any towline is quick release!


How to use

Release the shock cord from the coiled tape and hold the badge end to deploy an underarm throw to allow the tape to unwind towards the swimmer.


The float offers a positive grip for the swimmer to grasp.

The float also gives an aid to recoiling the tape back to stow and this can be done quickly then locked into a coil with the shock cord.


A great all round piece of kit from Whetman!

Tag Line 4m

£15.00 Regular Price
£14.00Sale Price
  • Length. 5 metres

    Weight 110g

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